Be ready for Voëlkop’s 30th birthday celebrations during 2020 !


February 28 and 29:

Join the Leap Year event where only once every four years the year has 366 days - one more day in February.


Saturday 29th will be packed with fun filled events throughout the day till party time with DJ Adrian.


  • Toss your plakkie the Griekie way! Gerhard Ban will demo
  • Ride a frog! The Mayor and Speaker of the house will demo
  • Pass the Toad! Dr will not demo
  • Musical Lilly Pads in honor of the Speaker! Rooikat will demo
  • Winners will be entertained with a shooter or more…

March 20-22:

Party weekend


March 27-29:

Party weekend


April 3-5:

Open weekend - bring your family along.


April 10-14:

Easter weekend with a Bunny Hunt and Bonnet Party on the Saturday.


April 24-27:

 Participate in the Mayor’s Bush Trail.


May 1-3:

Potjiekos competition where proceeds are donated to Charity.


June 12-16:

Join the Cowboy and Barn Yard Party on Saturday evening.

Tuesday 16th is a Public Holiday (take leave on Monday 15th and make a long weekend)



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