2018 Happenings

"Mr Voëlkop".



The prestigious "Mr Voëlkop" event took place on Saturday 1 December 2018 and the 2019 Mr Voëlkop is Freddie Venter.


The two prices are Adrian and Jaco.


Attractive prizes were at stake all in the theme of Santa cums early .


Photo's: Andries Mulder and Facebook

Gay Spring Games on 21- 23  September.


This event took place on Saturday 22 September the Grand opening of the 2018 games was as usual be a spectacular scene !


Yellow, Red and Blue teams competed and the winning team is still very secretive about how the judges were bribed.

25 Set 2018 and aAs said well in the words of Her Former Royal Princess Ms Trash Patricia Stone:


Miss Trash 2018 was an event like no other. Beauty was taken and twisted with a  dash of trash to give the audience a show full of color and glamour, infused with the occasional wit of eccentric shenanigans. It surely delivered a slap stick reality comedy.

This historic event has been running for the past 20 years of which the reign of the title is carried for a whole year.

(Photo: Andries Mulder)



                                                                                                                       With music by DJ Martin.

25 - 29 May:


Home made soups and breads kept the cold away.


27 April - 2 May:


Long weekend and Cook off


The judges were impressed by the high quality of products, and the way teams traded to get hold of more ingredients.



  Rules applied:

  • There were 5 teams of 5 each.
  • A basic mystery basket was be given to each team (containing only the basic ingredients.
  • Any additional ingredients required, could be traded from the other teams in any currency form....
  • Cooking utensils were supplied.
  • The judges especially paid attention to the taste and presentation of the dishes.

The winners  received prizes:

  • The winning team got a free weekend for 4 on the farm.
  • The winning team, also qualified for a Champion breakfast on Sunday morning.

29 March - 2 April:


Easter weekend was enjoyed - Big hats and Bonnets made from material found on the farm.


23 February - 25 February


Bear hug and picnic to collect baby milk and diapers for charity.