Past 2019 Happenings

December 31:


  • The New Year’s Eve Pajama Party took us into 2020 in sleep wear (whatever that was)
  • Glenn’s Spectacular Iconic Firework Display (R200 per person cover charge).

December 25:

  • Legendary Traditional Christmas Lunch ( R200)
  • Pre drinks at the pool and starters followed by Voëlkop’s famous buffet and deserts! (R200 per person including wine & soft drinks)

Christmas Lunch Menu:



  • Variety of fresh bread    
  • Petrus’ famous jam
  • Patsy’s paté       
  • Selection of cheeses

Main Course:

  • Meats and Salads                 
  • Roast Karoo Lamb
  • Boksburg Beef                       
  • Paul’s Pretoria Pork
  • Garstfontein Gammon           
  • Makolokwe Chicken
  • Ox Tongue inspired by Lily’s lips


  • Potato (home grown by Glenn and flavored with Stolen Red Onions)
  • Butternut & Beetroot (ingredients from Woollies Brits)
  • Pasta (Lily’s Secret Recipe – Stolen!)
  • Waldorf - Lionel’s Iconic – a favorite since 1989
  • Finely Shredded Coleslaw Delight
  •  Green Salad Leaves picked by Senior Voëlkoppers!


  • Malva Pudding and Custard (Chief Chitondo’s)
  •  Ice Cream Italian Style made in Brits


  1. Executive Chefs - Edmore, Kilfford, and Elvis
  2. Plating Girls - Patsy, Lily, Lionel & Lelie
  3. Décor - Rooikat & Lionel
  4. Glenn & Paul for making it all possible !

November 29 - December 1:


Several political parties registered and a new Mayor of Voëlkop was elected. The IEC rules were very clear that voting will take place on Saturday November 30 in a fair and free Zimbabwean style.

Voëlkop Mayor Elections 30 November 2019


IEC Rules and Registration Process .
The IEC Leadership hereby declare the rules and registration pertaining to the Mayoral Election to be held at Voëlkop on 30 Nov 2019.


  1. Registration of individual parties no later than 9 AM on the said date, when the election will commence.
  2. The IEC will consist of member(s) from Zimbabwe, and will be open to non-disclosure bribes and corruption.
  3. Each party standing must prepare their own party name and a mission statement of possible non-achievable goals and bribes (to be made visual to all voters).  Materials for display will be available. 
  4. All parties registering will be eligible to pay 1000 South African cents during registration .
  5. Voting, will take place at 2 PM on the said date; election results will be made known by 3 PM in an

October 25-27:  Party weekend.


Come for the weekend and enjoy Saturday 26th October drinking, singing, and partying in the bush.

  • Happy Hour between 6 and 8 PM on Saturday (Great specials will be advertised on-site)
  • Karaoke between 8 and 10 PM on Saturday
  • Party time after 10 PM!!!

September 27-29:


Many made a long weekend using 24 September, and the annual Spring Games still was the best fun day of the year !


Participation was done in teams and a bench of independent judges had the final say on who the winners were.

30 August 2019: Ms Trash


The event was as planned, colorful and trashy where contestants tried their best not to impress the judges.


June 14-17:


Long weekend with a Soup Kitchen. Tasty soup and good company in the winter bar.


24-26 May:

The Cook off competition on Saturday 25 May was contested at professional level and the final products only of fine quality and standards. leaving judges with difficulty to decide on the winning team.


Preparation, presentation and taste were some of the criteria.


April 19-22:


Easter weekend with Easter Bonnet and Bunny party on Saturday evening. On the photo, the contestants of the Easter Bonnet competition can be seen.


March 21-24:


First event for 2019 was the vibrant Neon Party on Saturday evening 23 March.

Last update: 2 Sept 19