Past 2016 Events:


31 December: 


The Flintstones new years eve party with DJ Martin was a huge success also with the annual Oscar awards. As always, the spectacular fire works contributed to an evening to remember.


As usual, the annual Oscar events were done in great style and a special thanks go to the team who made the evening a success:


1. Deon who coordinated the decor

2. Lilly for management

3. Russell for direction

4. The barmoeders - Deon, Gillaum, Jan and all the other permanents who stepped in.

5. The kitchen staff - Edemo, Clifford, Isaac and Elvis.

6. And finally, Paul and Glenn who have made all this happen !


The theme of the evening was The Flintstones -or "Gryp die Grotman" because cavemen are very appropriate to Voëlkop where we libe like hunters and gatherers in pre-historic conditions...


The receivers of the Oscar trophies were:


Category Best Drama:


THE PARTY – Awarded to Linkie (Miss Trash) who wasn't invited to a party (Johan and Barend) and threw a Dora drama of note!


DESPERADO – Awarded to Johan of Roberto was very drunk and he said very loudly and publically at the bar, "my man is dronk... “


DEEP THROAT – Awarded to Sharl ala Linda Lovelace- he slunk into a very dark winter bar to help someone out, but Glenn was lying on the couch having forty winks. When Sharl sat down to do his thing, he almost sat on Glenn who asked him "wat maak julle hierso?"


Category Best Comedy:


SOME LIKE IT HOT – Awarded to Raymond veeted his whole body up at the chalet but there was no water in his chalet. He ran down to ablution block but by the time he got there, his Crown Jewels and all else were burning.


BLAST FROM THE PAST – Awarded to Lilly where Andre from Lilly's past shocked the entire bar with stories of her escapades in her youth when she was a loose girl in the 70s and 80s.


BACK TO THE FUTURE – Awarded to Gideon. Andre, the same guy from Lilly's past, recognized Gideon from the days of the Dungeon Night club, when Gideon used to be the Sandwich Lady, selling sandwiches to drunk patrons.


Category Best Action:


SOMEBODY'S WATCHING YOU – Awarded to Fred stood who on a toilet to perve over the wall and he fell through the floor and broke his finger.


FALLEN – Awarded to Lienkie who had too much and fell down.


NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Awarded to Doc Lawrence who drinks Campari and every time he drinks it he gets nightmares. On one particular occasion, he drank too much Campari, and had a nightmare that he spent the night with Russell's mike!


DANCES WITH WOLVES – Awarded to Edward and Johan and Harry and Eugene aka "the Serengeti Sisters"


Category Special Oscar:


The neighborhood Watch - David for "securing the perimeter" and check all required elements in the hood.


The Sue Ellen floating trophy was awarded to Lawrence for being the biggest drama queen of the year.


The Little Oscar Nuggets were awarded to:


WORST MOTHER AWARD - Gerhard Smit who gets completely dora and doesn't look after his little doggie.


MUSCLE MARY's OF THE MOMENT - Willie and Johan.

25 December 2016


The Christmas day lunch was once again a very special event.


Old friends joined and new friends were made.

Photo's: Paul Nitzky and Fred-Eric Olivier.



This prestigious red carpet event is the highlight in every Voëlkop calendar and the winner will be the face of the farm for the coming year.


The 2016 winner is Daniel van der Linde.



In 2015, the winner was Ettiene, with Neels and Daniël as his princes and the 2015 crown was handed over by Jonathan, Mr Voëlkop 2014.


In 2016, the winner was Daniel, with Emile and Oleg as his princes and the 2016 crown was handed over by Ettiene, Mr Voëlkop 2015.

Guidelines for 2016 event:
To understand which criteria the judges used, read the guidelines in the pdf above.
Guidelines Mr VKop 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 31.0 KB

Photo's above: Steven Pretorius.

                        Mr Voëlkop video promotion:

                                           (To watch the video again, you might need to refresh your browser page).

Photo's above: Lawrence de Villiers




  • Enjoyed a great German meal , beer on special followed by an evening HALLOWEEN PARTY.

 1 October:


GAY SPRING GAMES he best fun event of the year where the judges can still say no for bribes.

Watch the Grande opening of the 2016 Games:

Photo's: Giepie Nel


Open games with mums and kids took place on 10 September 2016.




27 August:


Miss Lienkie Moolman was the proud winner of the 2016 Miss Trash competition.



25-26 June:  




Enjoy the warmer bushveld and share in a Thai meal on Saturday evening for only R 70.00 (including a glass of wine).



28 -29 May: 

Movie evening and soup kitchen.


Help us and bring your own ingredients or help to prepare a master pot of soup. A donation of R15 was asked for a bowl of soup and the funds  donated to charity.


Three gay classics  were  showed.






 30 April:


Cook off.



 Five teams will be given a mystery box to create a culinary surprise.

  • Three elimination rounds.
  • Criteria were Flamboyance, Taste, Completeness, Presentation and Cleanliness.

27 April:  Freedom Day (Public holiday.)

  • Celebrate freedom with the Queen, come for the day and pay half price on day rate.

1-3 April:   OPEN WEEKEND.


Bring Mom, Dad , Family and friends.


18-28 March: Long weekend and EASTER


  • The Easter bonnet parade on 26 March was colorful and hats were made from materials found on the farm - here an unknown bunny, Michael, Jay, Philip, Veerachan and Stefan (the winner).





26-28 February:   Cocktails and shooters, at JJ’s poolside bar served out of jam jars.