Photo's by Richard Whitby.


The species listed below, have been recorded by members of in the marked area (left) that covers a pentad with regards to the South African birding atlas project. 

Apalis, Barthroated
Babbler, Arrowmarked
Barbet, Acacia Pied
Barbet, Blackcollared
Barbet, Crested
Batis, Chinspot
Beeeater, European
Beeeater, Little
Bishop, Southern Red
Bishop, Yellowcrowned
Boubou, Southern
Bunting, Cinnamonbreasted
Bunting, Goldenbreasted
Bushshrike, Greyheaded
Bushshrike, Orangebreasted
Buzzard, Jackal
Buzzard, Steppe
Camaroptera, Greenbacked
Camaroptera, Greybacked
Canary, Blackthroated
Canary, Yellow
Canary, Yellowfronted
Chat, Familiar
Cisticola, Desert
Cisticola, Lazy
Cisticola, Levaillant's
Cisticola, Rattling
Cisticola, Zitting
Cliffchat, Mocking
Cliffswallow, South African
Coot, Redknobbed
Cormorant, Reed
Cormorant, Whitebreasted
Coucal, Burchell's
Coucal, Whitebrowed
Crake, Black
Crombec, Longbilled
Crow, Pied
Cuckoo, Black 
Cuckoo, Diderick
Cuckoo, Klaas's
Cuckoo, Redchested
Cuckooshrike, Black
Darter, African
Dove, Laughing
Dove, Namaqua
Dove, Redeyed
Dove, Rock
Drongo, Forktailed
Duck, Whitebacked
Duck, Whitefaced
Duck, Yellowbilled
Eagle, Verreaux's
Eagleowl, Spotted
Egret, Cattle
Egret, Little
Eremomela, Burntnecked
Falcon, Amur
Falcon, Lanner 
Finch, Redheaded
Finch, Scalyfeathered
Firefinch, Jameson's
Firefinch, Redbilled
Fiscal, Common (Southern)
Flycatcher, Fairy
Flycatcher, Fiscal
Flycatcher, Marico
Flycatcher, Southern Black
Flycatcher, Spotted
Francolin, Coqui
Francolin, Crested
Goawaybird, Grey
Goose, Egyptian
Goose, Spurwinged
Goshawk, Southern Pale Chanting
Grassowl, African
Grebe, Great Crested
Grebe, Little 
Greenpigeon, African
Greenshank, Common
Guineafowl, Helmeted
Helmetshrike, Whitecrested
Heron, Blackheaded
Heron, Goliath
Heron, Greenbacked
Heron, Grey
Heron, Purple
Heron, Squacco
Honeyguide, Lesser
Hoopoe, African
Hornbill, African Grey
Hornbill, Southern Yellowbilled
Ibis, African Sacred
Ibis, Glossy
Ibis, Hadeda
Indigobird, Purple
Indigobird, Village
Kestrel, Rock
Kingfisher, Brownhooded
Kingfisher, Giant
Kingfisher, Malachite
Kingfisher, Pied
Kingfisher, Woodland
Kite, Blackshouldered
Kite, Yellowbilled
Lapwing, African Wattled
Lapwing, Blacksmith
Lapwing, Crowned
Lark, Rufousnaped
Lark, Sabota
Longclaw, Cape
Mannikin, Bronze
Martin, Brownthroated
Martin, Rock
Maskedweaver, Lesser
Maskedweaver, Southern
Moorhen, Common
Mousebird, Redfaced
Mousebird, Speckled
Mousebird, Whitebacked
Myna, Common
Oriole, Blackheaded
Owl, Barn
Owlet, Pearlspotted
Palmswift, African
Paradiseflycatcher, African
Paradisewhydah, Longtailed
Petronia, Yellowthroated
Pigeon, Speckled
Pipit, African
Pipit, Striped 
Plover, Common Ringed
Plover, Threebanded
Pochard, Southern
Prinia, Blackchested
Prinia, Tawnyflanked
Puffback, Blackbacked
Pytilia, Greenwinged
Quailfinch, African
Quelea, Redbilled
Reedwarbler, African
Robinchat, Cape
Robinchat, Whitethroated
Rockthrush, Cape
Rockthrush, Shorttoed
Roller, Lilacbreasted
Sandpiper, Common
Sandpiper, Wood
Scrubrobin, Kalahari
Scrubrobin, Whitebrowed
Seedeater, Streakyheaded
Shrike, Crimsonbreasted
Shrike, Lesser Grey
Shrike, Redbacked
Snakeeagle, Blackchested
Sparrow, Cape  
Sparrow, House
Sparrow, Northern Greyheaded
Sparrow, Southern Greyheaded
Sparrowweaver, Whitebrowed
Sparrowlark, Chestnutbacked
Spoonbill, African
Spurfowl, Natal
Spurfowl, Swainson's
Starling, Cape Glossy
Starling, Redwinged
Starling, Violetbacked
Stilt, Blackwinged
Stonechat, African
Stork, Abdim's 
Stork, Black 
Stork, White
Sunbird, Amethyst
Sunbird, Greater Doublecollared
Sunbird, Whitebellied
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Greater Striped
Swallow, Lesser Striped
Swallow, Pearlbreasted
Swallow, Redbreasted
Swallow, Whitethroated
Swampwarbler, Lesser
190 208 Swamphen,
African Purple
Swift, African Black
Swift, Alpine 
Swift, Common
Swift, Little
Swift, Whiterumped
Tchagra, Blackcrowned
Tchagra, Browncrowned
Teal, Redbilled
Tern, Whitewinged
Thickknee, Spotted
Thrush, Groundscraper
Thrush, Karoo
Thrush, Kurrichane
Tinkerbird, Yellowfronted
Tit, Southern Black
Titbabbler, Chestnutvented
Titflycatcher, Grey
Turtledove, Cape
Vulture, Cape 
Vulture, Whitebacked
Wagtail, Cape 
Warbler, Willow
Waxbill, Blackfaced
Waxbill, Blue
Waxbill, Common
Waxbill, Orangebreasted
Waxbill, Violeteared
Weaver, Cape
Weaver, Thickbilled
Weaver, Village 
Whiteeye, Cape
Whiteeye, Orange River
Whydah, Pintailed
Widowbird, Redcollared
Widowbird, Whitewinged
Wooddove, Emeraldspotted
Woodhoopoe, Green
Woodpecker, Cardinal
Woodpecker, Goldentailed