Visiting the farm should be a pleasant and relaxing experience, which is for all guests to enjoy. To ensure this we request your co-operation in the following:

  • Persons found in procession of drugs or illegal substances will be evicted. Dealers will be prosecuted.
  • Management will not be held liable for any injury or loss resulting from your visit to the farm.
  • Payment is in strictly advance upon arrival and no refunds for early departure. (You can also add an amount to your tab to use for drinks or meals and the remainder will be refunded to you in cash upon departure.
  • No littering on the farm or farm roads – please use the bins provided.
  • No mattresses may be removed from the cabins or caravans.
  • No glass bottles, glasses etc are permitted in the pools - you and others safety is important for us.
  • From 22:00 to 08:00 no radio/music or car sound system allowed in any cabin/caravan/tent in order to hear nature as it should be. Sounds travel far in the Bushveld and we ask your co-operation in consideration of your fellow guests.
  • No drama or abusive comments may be made towards the staff or fellow guests – be nice or go home !
  • No firewood may be collected from the bush.
  • You will be held liable for damages or breakages – you break – you pay !
  • Only small dogs are allowed (very small please, and not many).
  • Early check-outs (before 7:30) must be arranged and settled the previous evening in order to get a gate pass.

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in your immediate eviction from the farm.